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Resurgence of Measles

In the 1950s, Americans had “measles parties“ to contract the infection so they would not get it again.  Measles was believed to be an innocent viral illness, and people rarely get measles twice. However, it […]

The Anxiety/Stress Voice

By: Robin Hornstein, Ph.D. In fiction, there is one voice called the unreliable narrator that we as readers know to be, well, kind of a liar. This voice tells us things that are just blatantly […]

Is it the flu, or just a cold?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu is now widespread across our state and the rest of the country. It’s important to know the difference between cold and flu symptoms to […]

2017 Patient Survey Results

We had more than 100 responses to our RHS Quality Assurance Survey in November. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Because our goal is to improve our […]

Immunization Awareness Month

Did you know that you still need vaccines well beyond your elementary days? Vaccines still play an important role in your long-term health plan to maximize your “health span.” The CDC advises adults that there […]

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