Empowering individuals to live well.

At Revolutionary Health Services, we empower individuals to live well!

Our All-inclusive Preventive Care Practice was established in 2003. Like most direct primary care practices, you will receive direct access to your physician and concierge level coordination of care delivered by our experienced team.

What makes us very unique among concierge practices is our medical model that offers you a roadmap toward the longevity and healthy future you always imagined, but far too few people attain.  Hope is not a strategy for a better future.  At RHS, we give you a strategy for an energetic today and vibrant tomorrow!

RHS Approach

RHS Memory Treatment Center

Alzheimer’s Disease and its impact

brain sample
  • Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a terminal disease if its progression is not halted or reversed. It is a molecular cancer that shrinks your brain.

  • An estimated 1 in 7 Americans will develop Alzheimer’s.

  •  60% will be women.

Hope for your future!

ReCODE (Reverse COgnitive DEcline) is our systematic program designed to halt, or even reverse Alzheimer’s Disease by treating its many root causes.


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