Top 10 Threats to Your Healthy Future

  1. The same body pollution that inflames our arteries to cause heart attacks and strokes, hammers on our brain and organs to cause dementia and cancer.
  2. This toxic waste of metabolism typically causes no symptoms. People feel “healthy”, but are actually only “not sick”…yet
  3. Researchers believe that 50% of cancer deaths are preventable. We think this number is higher.
  4. 50% of sudden death from a heart attack occurs in people with no symptoms or known disease.
  5. 86% of heart attacks occur in small plaques that would result in a normal stress test.
  6. Pre-diabetes and diabetes are major root causes of cardiovascular disease and dementia.
  7. Insulin resistance begins 15-20 years before a person is diagnosed with diabetes.
  8. Pre-diabetes, and possibly even early diabetes, are curable.
  9. Up to half of all heart attacks are triggered by high risk oral bacteria.
  10. Dangerous oral bacteria that causes periodontal disease will enter your bloodstream and spray distant arteries, organs and your brain to increase your risk of:
    • Heart attacks and strokes
    • Cancer, including untreatable pancreatic cancer
    • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia
    • Preterm labor and stillbirths
    • Diabetes
    • Many others