Technology assisted mole-mapping saves lives

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous cancer types and leads to thousands of deaths per year.  It is also one of the most curable cancers- if discovered early.

According to the National Cancer Institute, ‘skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and the number of new cases of melanoma has been increasing for at least 30 years. Finding and treating melanoma skin cancer early may help prevent death from melanoma.’

The early detection of skin cancer delivers the best chances for survival. When melanoma is detected early by a physician, the cure rate is over 95% because it can be excised before it starts spreading to other parts of the body.

The National Cancer Institute highly recommends regular mole checks by your physician.

Physicians routinely look at the appearance of existing moles. Determining whether a mole should be removed or if it is changing can be quite subjective. If you think about it, your physician likely sees thousands of moles per year on hundreds of patients, making it difficult to remember what your moles looked like six-months ago. Having a photo documentation and tracking system is critical, yet rarely available. At Revolutionary Health, we are excited to offer you the FotoFinder system.

What is FotoFinder?

FotoFinder is a computerized mole mapping and tracking system that our physicians use to create a high resolution map of photos of your moles.  Any deemed in question can be evaluated in high magnification by our physicians trained in dermoscopy, assisted by the state-of the-art mole analyzer software, to help them determine whether excision is needed.

Images are saved for future comparison.  During future evaluations, the software is able to compare the maps to identify moles that are changing or new, again helping the physician to decide which should be removed, or are stable and can be observed.

An added benefit of FotoFinder is that we will give you a copy of your photos on a flash drive for self-examination at home or to give to your dermatologist. Patients can feel safe that any changes or new moles will not be missed!

FotoFinder both identifies early melanoma and prevents unnecessary surgeries.

As you can imagine, both patients and physicians are very cautious when there is a personal or family history of skin cancer.  Many patients have multiple unsightly scars from moles appropriately removed that turned out to be normal.  This tracking system helps minimize that, in addition to catching melanomas at the earliest opportunity!

Is this meant to replace your dermatologist?

Absolutely not!  We work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to optimally assess and treat your skin health.

Who should get mole mapping done?

If any of the following questions apply to you, have your moles checked by your physician and consider FotoFinder mole mapping:

  • Do you have multiple moles (more than 50)?
  • Is there a history of skin cancer in your family?
  • Have you already had a skin cancer removed?
  • Do you have large moles (more than 6mm in diameter)?
  • Have you noticed any changes in your moles?
  • Have you noticed any new moles on your body?
  • Did you have severe, blistering sunburns during childhood or adolescence?
  • Do you have very light skin?

How can suspicious moles be recognized?

Using the “ABCDE” rule can help you to recognize suspicious moles during self-evaluation. Moles which show one or more of the signs below should be treated with utmost attention and evaluated by your physician!

A for Asymmetry

B for irregular, Blurred or jagged Borders

C for Color variation

D for Diameter larger than ¼ inch

E for Evolving, Any change — in size, shape, color, elevation, or another trait.  This is perhaps the most important assessment.


How do I schedule my mole-mapping appointment?

We are proud to offer this incredible preventive service at Revolutionary Health! A full mole mapping assessment is offered to the public for $299. Patients of RHS receive the discounted rate of $199. To schedule your appointment, please contact our office at 215-321-1371.


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