Nature’s Cancer Fighting Force

Antioxidants are one of those healthy “buzz” words floating around on product labels and in the news. But, what are antioxidants and why are they considered healthy?

Every day our bodies encounter toxins, infections, and cancer cells. Oxidation is the body’s natural response to combat these invaders. Through an inflammatory response, our immune system deploys substances to destroy them. However, if the chemical products left behind (free radicals) are not neutralized, they can damage the healthy cells of our organs, brain, and arteries. Antioxidants are the body’s cleanup crew- think of them as our “cancer fighting force.”

How strong is your army of antioxidants?

There are three families of antioxidants: carotenoids (deeply colored carrots, spinach, broccoli, apricots, and others), flavonoids (berries, almonds, apples), and lycopenes (tomatoes).

Approximately 75% of the antioxidants we consume are from the carotenoid family. As part of our annual Patient Wellness Evaluation, we measure carotenoid antioxidant levels with a simple scan of your hand. By shining a specific wavelength of light into your hand, this technology measures how much light is absorbed. The more that is absorbed, the better your protection.

Click here for a printable list of antioxidant-rich food sources.