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As an all-inclusive preventive care practice, we provide personalized care for our members. Our membership fees cover all of our office services. You will never have to pay visit fees, co-pays or deductibles at our office. While we do not bill insurance for our services, we recommend that our members maintain insurance for hospitalization, specialist care and emergencies.

Membership Benefits:
  • Access to your physician via cell and email after hours
  • Team dedicated to coordinate your care (specialist, ER, Hospital)
  • Easy prescription refills
  • Extended appointments
  • On-time appointments
  • Same day/next business day appointments
  • Comprehensive Annual Wellness– far more than just a physical
  • 21st century technology for assessing health risks (EKGs, Body Composition testing, Antioxidant testing, Mole-Mapping*, CIMT Ultrasounds*, MyPerio Path saliva testing*, Sleep Apnea testing*)
  • In-office blood draws
  • Online HIPPA secure Patient Portal to communicate securely
  • Courtesy acute care for out-of-town guests

*These optional services are available at a discounted rate to our patients as they are not processed directly by our physicians.

Membership Costs:
Yearly Monthly**
*ACH auto-deduction
Individual $2,200 $199
Couple* $4,300 $378
1st family member* (2-26yrs.) $1,100 $100
2nd family member* (2-26yrs.) $1,000 $85
3rd family member* (2-26yrs.) $650 $59
*tax dependent
** 50% retainer is collected upon enrollment. Monthly deductions begin on the 1st business day of the 7th month.

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