Health MAP™ (VIDEO)

Health MAP™ utilizes 21st century testing to (M)easure, (A)ssess, (P)lan out the health path you want.



Our RHS Health MAP testing is a set of five screening tests that give you a much clearer picture of your health forecast.

Carotid-IMT ultrasound: A quick, painless test that screens for early cardiovascular disease. It is a window to see what is happening in the thousands of miles of arteries that feed all organs of your body. In people with existing cardiovascular disease, the test helps to determine whether your current treatment plan is working.

Visceral fat measurement: Your healthy weight is individual. No longer do we need to rely on body mass index (BMI) that just compares height to weight. What matters is how much visceral fat you have. Visceral fat is the fat inside your belly that you cannot wrap your hand around. It is a very powerful contributor to many inflammation driven diseases. Some people are normal at a much higher BMI than others.

Oxidative stress estimate:   Estimates whether the supply of antioxidants in your diet and supplements adequately meet the needs of your existing sources of oxidative stress.

Blood inflammatory markers: These three FDA approved blood tests (hsCRP, LpPla2, Myeloperoxidase) are used at institutions like the world renown Cleveland Clinic identify inflammation that cause “rusting” and contribute to diseases like heart attacks, strokes, dementia, and cancer. You don’t treat inflammation with a pill. The source must be identified and treated.

NT-Pro BNP: This is the “happy heart” blood test. If normal, your heart is not under strain. If elevated, we search why. Common causes are high blood pressure and mild heart failure.


Our in-depth analysis determines the root causes of any abnormal measurements described above. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, unknown insulin resistance, sleep apnea, high risk oral bacteria entering your blood stream, “smoldering” autoimmune diseases, high blood pressure, and tobacco use.


We develop a personalized plan based on your individual results.

Healthy lifestyle choices involve creating good habits, which isn’t always easy and can be overwhelming. We try to limit you to only tackle one lifestyle change at a time. You may find that flossing and using mouth rinses is more important than weight loss!

Once we identify your needs, we don’t leave you at the alter! We help coach you to reach your goals in ways that work for you.