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Health MAP™ (VIDEO)

Health MAP™ utilizes 21st century testing to (M)easure, (A)ssess, (P)lan out the health path you want.   Measure Our RHS Health MAP testing is a set of five screening tests that give you a much […]

Are You Rusting?

When we are young, everyone has similar health goals of how we want to be when we are “old”. We want to be independent, have a healthy brain, and be as active as we want […]

Personal Rust Analysis

Medical advancements over the past decade allow us to identify quantitatively whether we are rusting. More indicators are being developed. The foundation of our approach to assessing whether an individual is descending down the path to […]

Chart Your Health Path

We developed our RHS Health MAP™ to (M)easure, (A)ssess, (P)lan your individualized path to a long healthspan of impacting the world and the lives of those you love. Measure Our RHS Health MAP begins with […]

What is Optimal Health?

What is Optimal Health? Optimal health is a level of health where your body’s natural defense mechanisms can function optimally. One who has attained optimal health has turned off all chronic inflammation and oxidation. They […]

CIMT Ultrasound Explained

Do you have a cat in the gutter? In the photo above, the pigeon is minding its own business with no idea that death is about to pounce. You are the pigeon; unknown vulnerable plaque […]

Optimal Home Mouth Hygiene

Medically Managing Your Mouth First and foremost, don’t ignore any blood in the sink!  Blood means that inflammation is present, and that there is an avenue for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Inflammation is commonly caused by […]

Top 10 Threats to Your Healthy Future

The same body pollution that inflames our arteries to cause heart attacks and strokes, hammers on our brain and organs to cause dementia and cancer. This toxic waste of metabolism typically causes no symptoms. People […]


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