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We purposely don’t say “high cholesterol”. The three categories of cholesterol particles are LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. LDL and triglyceride particles cross through an inflamed, dysfunctional endothelium to form plaque. HDL transports LDL and triglyceride […]

High Blood Pressure

Relaxed arteries are happy arteries with good endothelial function. A completely normal blood pressure is considered to be <120/80. As blood pressure rises above this, the risk of plaque rupture begins to increase. Since 2003, […]

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance (IR) may be the root cause of most vascular disease. Treating IR can delay or completely prevent a person from ever developing diabetes. 70% of people with any existing plaque have IR IR […]

Lifestyle Changes Overview

Optimizing your lifestyle is a cornerstone of preventing and stabilizing vascular plaque. To many, the phrase “lifestyle changes” is overwhelming and downright depressing because we all know it includes losing weight, exercising, and quitting smoking, […]

Understanding Modern Genetic Testing (VIDEO)

When we talk about family history and genetics, they are not one in the same. Family history refers to a pattern of medical concerns present through generations. Knowing this information can help guide us in […]

Activate Your Young Genes

DNA is our personal genetic code. It is made up of thousands of genes we receive from our parents. Scientists finished mapping the human genome in 2003. This information has taught us that very little […]


Plavix, like aspirin, inhibits blood platelets to reduce the chance of clot formation. There is a genetic test that all people on plavix must have done. Those who are non-responders need to be on a […]

Omega-3 fish oil

I believe omega 3 fish oil is the most beneficial supplement that exists. I once asked a University of Pennsylvania cardiologist if it is as effective as a $30,000 internal cardiac defibrillator at preventing sudden […]


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