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Category: Genetics

Exercise to Activate Young Genes!

A study recently published by researchers at the Mayo Clinic added to the mounting evidence that healthy lifestyles can turn on young genes that typically become inactive as we age. These genes were not just […]

Root Cause of Aging Oxidative Stress (VIDEO)

The process that breaks our body down and eventually causes sickness is called oxidation. Oxidation leads to inflammation and free radical formation. If you read about the chemical reactions that cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, […]

Understanding Modern Genetic Testing (VIDEO)

When we talk about family history and genetics, they are not one in the same. Family history refers to a pattern of medical concerns present through generations. Knowing this information can help guide us in […]

Activate Your Young Genes

DNA is our personal genetic code. It is made up of thousands of genes we receive from our parents. Scientists finished mapping the human genome in 2003. This information has taught us that very little […]

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